Serving our club with honour and pride…

At Atlantic Beach Golf Club, we are extremely grateful for the support and unwavering loyalty of both our Men’s and Ladies Club Captains.

2016 AGM Captain's Feedback
Year Mens Captains Ladies Captains


Mark Baggott

Ursula Howarth

Ursula Howarth

Ursula Howarth

2015 Steve Robarts Ursula Howarth
2014 Steve Robarts Wilmeen Harris
2013 Mark Baggott Sarah Braude
2012 Mark Baggott Elaine Newman
2011 Kevin McKechnie Sarah Braude
2010 Kevin McKechnie Sarah Braude
2009 Welmar O’Reilly Sonya Behrens
2008 Welmar O’Reilly Sonya Behrens
2007 Jimmy Martignone Melanie Frylinck
2006 Shaun Hansen Lee Kahn
2005 Francois Brand Lee Kahn
2004 Francois Brand Melanie Frylinck
2003 Dave Gallacher Melanie Frylinck
2002 Dave Gallacher Melanie Frylinck
2001 Dave Gallacher Melanie Frylinck